Optical Fiber Splicing & Testing

We are a unique name in the industry to provide our precious clients the best quality Fiber Optic Cable Splicing Service. The provided service is carried out by our skilled team of professionals in the best possible manner. While performing this service, our experts ensure that the offered service delivers precision results and is within the budget to attain maximum clients’ satisfaction. Moreover, this service is widely acknowledged by our valuable clients for its flawlessness and hassle-free execution.

Road Profile Survey & Alignment, Cross and L-Section & Quantity Earthworks

    • Manvi Technology & Services conducts surveys to assess and define road profiles and alignments. This involves measuring and mapping the terrain along proposed or existing roads to ensure proper design and construction.
    • We perform cross-sectional and longitudinal section surveys to gather detailed information about the ground profile. This data is crucial for determining earthwork quantities accurately during construction projects.

Canal Survey and Earthwork Analysis

They specialize in surveying canals, which includes mapping their routes, dimensions, and gradients. Additionally, they analyze earthwork requirements for canal construction or maintenance projects.

River Profile Analysis for Flood Monitoring

      • Manvi Technology & Services provides analysis of river profiles to assess their capacity and behavior during flood events. This information aids in flood monitoring and management strategies.

Quantity Analysis of Sand/Silt for Department of Mining

    • They offer quantity analysis services specifically tailored for mining operations, focusing on the extraction and estimation of sand and silt volumes. This is essential for compliance and operational planning.

Each of these services involves detailed surveying, data analysis, and reporting to support infrastructure development, environmental monitoring, and resource management efforts. Manvi Technology & Services utilizes advanced surveying equipment and analytical techniques to deliver accurate and reliable results to their clients.